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Do you want someone you can trust to help you through the used car jungle and find a car to suit your needs?

Do you not have the time to search for a car?

We work in a more personal way than most car sales businesses, finding a car to exactly match your requirements. We have considerable experience of buying and selling cars over many years, and an unrivalled knowledge of the used car market and what to look for in a second-hand car.

We will talk through with you exactly what your requirements are for your next car, what models may be suitable and which features are important, right down to colour, specification and of course price. We will then endeavour to locate a car through our contacts and trade sources.

We don’t ask for any commitment before starting to search for a car, but if we have interpreted your requirements correctly we would hope that the first car sourced would be the right one, as we generally have to purchase a car prior to showing it to you.

There is no direct cost or commission for this service. As we do not have the overheads of a large showroom and stock to finance, we would hope to find exactly the right car at a competitive price, and we don’t try to sell you add-ons at a high cost as some garages do. We are usually able to take your current car in part exchange.

Please contact Joe by phone or by email to discuss your requirements further.

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Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss our car finder service, details of cars currently available, or if you have a car you wish to sell.

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